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Real estate:
Macau, Melco shadow exchange, Shanghai Disney Resort, Yunnan colorful city, Chengdu Global Center, the World Trade Nanjing Riverside Park, the World Trade Hainan Moon Bay Resort, Dalian World Trade Yu Longwan Resort, Kunshan World Trade Plaza, Nanjing World Trade Plaza, the WTO Plaza Fuzhou, China Vanke Yangzhou Real Estate, Vanke Shenyang Real Estate, Vanke Beijing Real Estate...... 
Guangdong Sheraton Dongguan Hotel, Sanya, Hainan Sheraton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou in Zhejiang Province, Chengdu Intercontinental Paradise Hotel, Guangzhou Pullman Hotel, Crowne Plaza Golf......              
Theme parks, water parks:
Chengdu Universal Paradise Sea Paradise, Zhuzhou Infante Happy Valley, Wuhu special Happy Valley, Happy Valley Infante Nantong, Shanghai OCT Happy Valley, Bulgaria beach, Gyeongju, South Korea Waterpark, Kobe City seafront waterpark...... 
public space:
China Shanghai World Expo and the China Pavilion, the South African Museum, 2013 "Fortune Global Forum" Global Center in Chengdu, Pyongyang 100th anniversary of the (museum), the China-aided AU Conference Center, the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, Dubai Mall, the new Guangzhou Baiyun Airport...... 
Construction & Decoration:
Shenzhen Huaqiang enterprises, the Shanghai municipal garden Engineering Company, Jiangsu mantis decoration, seamounts Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Panyu, Guangzhou Big Wave Waterpark Decoration Co., China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau (Tianjin Branch)......