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Evergrande Sea Venice Water City

Writer:HaihongDate:2015年12月30日 11:06

Evergrande Sea Venice City located on the north shore of Chongming Island, Yin Town Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, and across the river from Shanghai. Evergrande sea Venice City set for accommodation, food, entertainment, sports, health and commerce in one of the large integrated tourist resort residential area. Project construction land planning a total land area of 8967.9 mu, floor area ratio: 2.0, total construction area of 11,957,363 square meters;  the total construction area of 151,500 square meters.
The project is positioned as high-end Waterscape garden green residential area. Southern District of luxury villas, the north district is the upscale tourist resort and residential area, by the south to the north is "Multilayer scene Villa District - Hanging Gardens high-rise residential - Hanging Gardens high-rise residential - rise point linear housing Area".

Haihong enterprise stands out from numerous simulation tree manufaturer, after comparison,testing and repeated siftings, Haihong group won the bid of artificial landscape project under Evergrande Real Estate Group. The projects covering more than 120 regions of the country,Haihong group have completed the projects over 60 regions, the next steps will complete other tree simulation, simulation garden project for Evergrande Real Estate Group. Become Simulation industry suppliers of Evergrande Real Estate Group! Once again proved the products from Haihong Enterprise has Excellent quality. Simulation tree,artificial rockery sculpture in Haihong Enterprise has amazingly true-to-nature effect, also can be anti-oxidant, UV protection and fire resistant, Haihong enteriprise is the leading in industry!

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